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Pedaling History's Featured Bicycle Books

We carry HUNDREDS of additional bicycle-related titles!

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       The story of Marshall Major Taylor in a NEW FRESH and detailed story you won't be able to put down.  Check our ONLINE Store to ORDER NOW

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Collecting and Restoring Antique Bicycles

by G. Donald Adams

Collecting and Restoring Antique Bicycles

Finally, the most authoritative and sought after reference book about the antique bicycle is available again. A comprehensive sourcebook for everyone from the beginning hobbyist to the advanced collector, this new second edition provides a complete overview of these marvelous machines. Almost 400 pages, packed with 350 illustrations and photos, this book covers the development of the bicycle from the earliest 1816 hobbyhorse, through the elegant high wheelers, tri- and quadricycles, to safety bicycles and interesting 20th century models.

      • Tips on locatiing antique bikes, determining authenticity and condition.
      • Advice on restoration versus preservation.
      • How to ride them.
      • The antique bicycle club movement, and the growing interest in collecting.
      • The first appearance of drive shafts, rack and pinion steering, band brakes ... all invented for the bicycle!

About the Author:
G. Donald Adams has had a major role in shaping the character of antique bicycle collecting in North America. He is founding editor of The Wheelmen magazine, and an internationally recognized bicycle historian and curator. His writing continues to influence museums and individual collectors worldwide to follow sound practices in preserving historically important bicycles and to interpret how these bicycles and their users shaped nineteenth century social, cultural, and technological history.

Hard Cover: $32.50 - Buy Now
Soft Cover: $22.50 - Buy Now

Buffalo's Bicycles

Buffalo's Bicycles: Reflections on Buffalo's Colossal and Overlooked Bicycle Heritage

by Carl F. Burgwardt

In Buffalo's Bicycles the author has carefully chosen, organized, and presented significant historical facts of Buffalo, New York's, bicycle industry and bicycling records. He has added personal lore and period images, combining these elements into a book that explores and showcases the nearly forgotten but colorful times in Buffalo's proud past.
Buffalo's love affair with the bicycle was all-encompassing. By the late 1890s it had involved a significant percentage of Buffalo's population. Its exciting effect on society and sports was no less than its impact on business and commerce. Buffalo's Bicycles will introduce you to some of the people who shaped this little-known heritage that left influences and impressions on Buffalo for decades thereafter.
It you're not a native Buffalonian or Western New Yorker, you will still learn the basic bicycle history background with its emphasis on America's fervent development of the machine, the many patents, the social aspects, the Good Roads Movement, and the exciting racing. Buffalo's rich heritage in text and photographs quickly makes you aware that this truly colorful, dramatic, and influential period affected much of the eastern United States.
Was there a bicycle in your past?? Even if not, many non-bicycle people find that this history has surprising asides that kindle and tickle much nostalgia. The taken-for-granted bicycle, through its popular and everyday usage, has touched nearly everyone's life at one time or another, generally in a pleasurable and memorable way.

About the Author:
Carl Burgwardt and his wife, Clarice, are Western New Yorkers who have amassed one of the world's largest and most comprehensive collections of bicycles, accessories, memorabilia, and ephemera. He has frequently been consulted and quoted by major media seeking expert historical cycling information, identification, and documentation.

Hard Cover: $29.95 - Buy Now
Soft Cover: $17.95 - Buy Now

Colonel Albert Pope and his American Dream Machines

by Stephen B. Goddard

Colonel's Pope Dream Machine's

The Essential Reference

A little over a century ago in Hartford, Connecticut, Colonel Albert A. Pope was hailed as a leading automaker in the United States. That his name is not a household word today is the very essence of this story.
The world's manufacturer of bicycles (under the Columbia label) in the late 1800s, Pope's production methods pointed the way for the building of automobiles through lightweight metals, rubber tires, precision machining, interchangeability of parts, and vertical integration of his business. Steam, electricity, and gasoline power vied for supremacy in the fledgling automobile industry, with their competition for investors and customers becoming a tale of vision and greed.

About the Author:
Stephen B. Goddard practices law and teaches history at Trinity College and the University of Hartford. He lives in Hartford, Connecticut.

Hard Cover: $39.95 - Buy Now

Around the World on a Bicycle

Around the World on a Bicycle

by Thomas Stevens

with a new introduction and notes by Thomas Pauly

1072 pages, 108 engravings, 6" x 9" map
Account of the first man to ride a bicycle around the world. A classic, first published in 1887.
In 1884, Thomas Stevens left San Francisco on a Columbia high wheeler with the outrageous goal of becoming the first man to ride a bicycle across the United States.  When he reached Boston, he decided to continue around the world, and soon sailed to London for the ride across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  The high-wheeler was heavy and cumbersome, his supplies were limited to socks, a spare shirt, and a slicker that doubled as tent and bedroll, and much of the country he traversed was wild.  Yet he persevered, recording his colorful and often harrowing adventures during the three-year odyssey in a classic of 19th century adventure and travel writing.

About the Editor:
Thomas Pauly is a professor of English at the University of Delaware.  He has written on a broad range of subjects, including books on Elia Kazan and the musical Chicago.

Hard Cover: $24.95 - Buy Now


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