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Here are some interesting bike-related sites
to help you on your journey...

The Wheelmen
-- The national association of enthusiasts of antique bicycles and their lore. This group specializes
in riding, giving demonstrations and talks, and parades, all in period costume.
Bike Highway
-- a nice collection of other links to more info
-- Advocacy  -- this one recommended by Mike Munk of
Bicycles: History, Beauty, Fantasy...
-- national tour of the Pryor Dodge bicycle collection. Some nice color photos of the old and unusual
The Japanese Bicycle History Research Club
-- the history of the bicycle in Japan, beautiful Japanese bike-related art, etc.
The Major Taylor Association
-- A comprehensive story of America's First Black Athlete.
Wombats on the Web
-- really fun site on Women's mountain biking
I C H C  -  The International Cycle History Conferences
-- The real true history of the bicycle comes from here

America By Bicycle - A Great Experience

Our link to the future - the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo & Western New York 

           -- This is our 501 c3 sponsor for a move to the Buffalo Inner Harbor Historic District

And some regional stuff for the Upstate New York area...

One Less Car
-- Toronto/Canada based bike info, includes a list of general sites
La Bonne Echappee

           -- Canadian cycling info and some general sites--no, it's not all in French

Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club

-- Active Friendly Rides to suit all tastes and abilities

Buffalo Bicycling Club

-- Buffalo's oldest bicycle club, not the people - THE CLUB!

Buffalo's Blue Bicycles
-- Rent, borrow a bicycle in Buffalo - a day, a week, whenever - at your convenience
-- showcasing the City of Buffalo and Western New York State


The Glen Curtiss Museum - Hammonsport, NY          

-- Western New York's bridge from the bicycle to Aviation and MORE

Lockport Locks & Erie Canal Cruises

           -- Great History and more for all ages!

OTHER - Fun Attractions in Western New York

           -- Vacation in your own Western New York Backyard with World Class Attractions

                a sample of what tourists from around the world come to see.....



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